Korean detective novels

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If you are interested in reading Korean detective novels but don’t know where to start, here is a list by authors of Korean crime authors and novels that I know of. I haven’t read them all, but if I have, I will add information relative to the level of difficulty for Korean learners. I will write only about contemporary works.

I will also focus on detective novels that contain deduction and investigation.

In bold are the books that I have read.

Recommended: 💛
Highly recommended: 🧡
Perfect for Korean learners: 💙

DO Jingi

Certainly one of the best and most prolific authors of crime fiction in Korea. DO Jingi is not only a writer but also a lawyer. In 2014, he won the 한국추리문학대상 for his novel 유다의 별. I can personally recommend the 변호사 고진 시리즈. I haven’t read them all, but if you like detective novels and deduction, you cannot go wrong with this series!

변호사 고진 시리즈 💛

붉은 집 살인사건 💛 💙
라 트라비아타의 초상 🧡 💙
유다의 별
악마는 법정에 서지 않는다

탐정 진구 시리즈

순서의 문제
나를 아는 남자
가족의 탄생

악마의 증명 (short stories)

KIM Jae-hui