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New collection of Korean thrillers and mystery novels by publisher Human & Books!

Korean publisher Human & Books has launched a new collection of thrillers and mystery novels in 2019: “H&B 슬리러-미스터리 컬렉션”. The first book of this collection is the thriller <싱글몰트 사나이> by YU Guang-su (유광수). It was published in January 2019. The publisher said that they felt a sense of duty when they saw that Korean readership was reading mostly crime novels in translations. The novel <싱글몰트 사나이> came with a promotional wraparound band that announces the birth of the Korean style thrillers: “한국형 대형 스릴러의 탄생! 한국 스릴러 소설, 세계를 겨냥하다!”. The author YU Guang-su also said that he incorporated a typical Korean setting through the country’s politics, economy and modernity. The publisher Human & Books announced that they planned to publish at least 3 other books in this collection in 2019. Source: munhwa ilbo