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Book review: 교동회관 밀실 살인사건 by YUN Ja-yeong (윤자영)

Easy to read and highly addictive, 교동회관 밀실 살인사건 is one of the most engrossing novels I have ever read!


Title: 교동회관 밀실 살인사건
Author: YUN Ja-yeong 윤자영
Published by 책과나무

교동회관 밀실 살인사건 was published in January 2019 and it belongs to the series 한국추기문화선 (Selection of Korean detective literature) of the publisher 책과나무. Its author, YUN Ja-yeong, is a highschool teacher of biology.

Note: I don’t know how the author is used to transcribing his name, and his book hasn’t been translated (yet) so I don’t know how to write it in English. In this review, I am using the Revised Romanisation of Korean.

The setting

It is hard to talk about the setting of 교동회관 밀실 살인사건 because there is a lot going on in this novel!

To sum up the main setting in a few words: Several persons are locked in one place and confronted with dangerous situations and choices. If this kind of stories appeals to you, you will enjoy 교동회관 밀실 살인사건, but there is much more than murders behind closed doors in this novel. It contains several stories that are linked together and it is very exciting to discover where the author will eventually lead us. To me, the structure of the novel was one of the reasons why I loved it so much!

Why I loved it

교동회관 밀실 살인사건 is one of the most entertaining novels that I have ever read. It is a real page-turner, easy to read and full of suspense. YUN Jayeong’s novel contains all the elements that I would like to find in a detective novel: murders, deduction, clues, scientific tricks (always well explained and easy to understand), danger, investigation, and so much more. It is a mix of detective story, thriller and psychological thriller. It also has a typical Korean setting with main themes like the gapjil culture and the power of chaebols.

While the story is suspenseful, I also found the structure of the book very appealing. The novel is divided into three parts, and each part contains two stories. I felt like I had to make my own detective work to see how the different stories are linked. I recommend making a characters list while reading because there are a lot of characters in the novel!

교동회관 밀실 살인사건 is easy to read in Korean and is a perfect first book for Korean learners who like detective stories and want to start reading novels in Korean.


I cannot tell enough how much I loved this book. I really feel grateful when I read a book that keeps me engrossed from start to finish.

I am a fan of Japanese author Keigo Higashino (who is very popular in Korea) and I found that YUN Ja-yeong’s novel was as easy to read and as entertaining as Keigo Higashino’s novels, but with a Korean setting and Korean social characteristics that make it very interesting.

I want to read more novels like <교동회관 밀실 살인사건>! I really hope that YUN Ja-yeong will publish other similar novels.


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