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Book Review: 붉은 집 살인사건 by DO Jin-gi 도진기


Title: 붉은 집 살인사건
Author: DO Jin-gi 도진기
Published by 황금가지

붉은 집 살인사건 is the first novel of the series Lawyer GO Jin (변호사 고진 series). There are five novels so far in this series and the fourth one (유다의 별) won the Korean Award for Crime Fiction.

The series features GO Jin (고진) who is a lawyer of the shadows. He does not appear in court and does not work in a law firm. He takes cases from clients like a private detective would do and works in collaboration with police detective LEE Yu-hyeon (이유현).


Two families, the Nam and the Seo, live under the same roof and share a common and tragic past. A question of inheritance upsets the apparent order of the house and murders of the past reappear. GO Jin and LEE Yu-hyeon will investigate the past, while feeling that the danger is more present than ever.

Review: Easy to read, suspenseful and exciting whodunit.

I absolutely loved the setting of this novel and the relationship between the two families. An unsolved murder coming back from the past and a will that upsets everything… this is exactly the kind of story that I enjoy reading.

I also loved the duo GO Jin & LEE Yu-hyeon and appreciated how deduction and investigation work together in this novel. The two protagonists will have long discussions over the case, will leave no stone unturned, test every possibilities and challenge alibis. I really like murder mysteries that rely more on deduction than action or chance. If you are looking for a good whodunnit, you will not be disappointed with this novel.

Another thing that I liked is that every clue, every single piece of information falls into place in the end. Nothing is left unexplained.

The only point that I could criticise is the abundance of explanations. On one hand, all the explanations relative to the case are certainly one of the most exciting aspects of the novel, it makes you feel that you are taking an active part in the investigation, and if Korean is not your mother tongue, it makes things also easier to follow. On the other hand, however, I was sometimes under the impression that the characters explained too much, and I was looking forward to moving on!

To summarize, this is an excellent murder mystery that is easy to read. I did prefer the second book of the series, 라 트라비아타의 초상, but both are worth reading!

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