About this blog

Hello! and Welcome!

I am learning both Japanese and Korean, but Japanese is my main hobby. I love reading detective novels based on deduction and generally speaking, I like all kinds of crime fiction.

My Japanese reading level has become good enough for me to read best-selling novels of crime fiction in Japanese. The huge amount of publications in this area encouraged me to keep studying and improve my reading skills, and I have spent the last few years learning Japanese and enjoying Japanese genre fiction.

I have discovered Korean crime fiction only recently (2019). For a long time, I have been thinking that there was no Korean authors of detective novels, mystery and thrillers. The reason is simple: the “추리 소설” (detective novels) section of all the bookshops I have been to is filled with translations. Korean readership seems to be mainly interested in Japanese mysteries, to the point where some bookshops have an entire section devoted to “일본 추리 소설” (Japanese detective novels).

Being a fan of Japanese genre fiction myself, I cannot but understand this interest in Japanese novels. But I find it strange that Korean authors should have so little place in Korea offline bookshops.

What kindled my interest in Korean detective novels is YUN Ja-yeong’s novel 교동회관 밀실 살인사건, which was one of the most entertaining novel I have read. While my Korean reading level is still low, I could read this YUN Ja-yeong’s book without difficulty and enjoyed it through and through. 교동회관 밀실 살인사건 is the first Korean novel of crime fiction that I have read, and it started everything!

Since them, I have discovered great contemporary authors like DO Jin-gi or KIM Jae-hui and realised that there were a lot of Korean crime authors and a lot of great genre fiction novels out there! I have decided to explore the Korean world of crime fiction and created this blog to record the results of my investigation.